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We’ve been the developers and designers behind the scenes for Lushlash, for the past two years.

Together we have tried to push the boundaries of conventional web design and development, making truly unique.

Offering everything you need to book Salon appointments at their two amazing current salon locations, Purchase their award winning products from The online store and Even book training for your next course, which is available in person at the lushlash academy or online from

But we didn’t stop there! Together, Lushlash and ourselves put our heads together to design, develop and publish their sleek Mobile App (available in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store).

The App boasts the ability to also offer exclusive discounts, last minute salon spaces and keeps its users updated with all the latest news in the lash industry as they continue to grow and dominate at award ceremonies every year!

To date no other company offers anything remotely like this in the lash or beauty industry and we will keep pushing forward with them to ensure that Lushlash are always offering their clients, students and educators an exceptional service.

The Package

no hidden charges

Everything Listed above is included in the price we give you and because we are a professional digital marketing agency, we offer a comprehensive range of extra's that you can always add on at anytime you like, to push your business forward.

The only additional thing that you'd be expected to pay for is your domain name renewal (after year one) which is a very low cost per year (estimated at £14.99 - £25.99) & possibly Hosting dependant on your requirements.  

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